Broadcasters / Broadband providers


Value proposition for our business partners

The eVolve solution delivers value to business partners in more than one way: 

  • First on the market: first TV viewing solution for people with less than perfect vision.

  • Network issues: eVolve helps you to address broadband bottlenecks

  • Higher Revenues. Offer premium inclusive packages, increase customer LTV, improve adoption rates, and convert customers from the competition.

  • Bigger Audiences: attract new customers with a superior product  that addresses fast-growing end-user segments (seniors and people with vision problems)  

  • Leverage your existing infrastructure: technology can be integrated into existing systems and adds new functionality to existing devices on a cost-effective basis.

  • New marketing pitch:  solution based on eVolve technology can be marketed as a product that cares for your well being and improves the quality of life