The art of seeing the invisible

Benefits for user

 Having a safeguard system like eVolve in place that watches over the image quality before it hits your retina and creates havoc makes sense. Simpy put - eVolve creates a focusing illusion - as if light rays coming from your TV are focused directly on your retina -  similar to what prescription glasses do.

Restore image to its natural self


Before & After

Recent advancements have enabled the widespread distribution of video streaming via communication media. Slight image degradation is part of the "magic," enabling the image stream's transport from the video provider (broadcaster/streaming provider) to your screen. TV broadcasters make a careful decision as to how much compression and deterioration is acceptable to the viewer, still almost 80% of today's TV channels are still in compressed Standard Definition (480p). Network throughput constraints require high-level compression techniques leading to irreversible image deterioration that destroys sufficient detail, often introducing excessive blurring and other artifacts affecting video quality.  Depending on bandwidth, the compression rate of streaming content can vary, and images become more or less degraded from one scene to the next depending on the provider of signal, time of the day, and how many people are watching.

eVolve is an acutance enhancement mechanism. It can assist human vision, evolutionary conditioned responses deal with digital era challenges like "defocus" and improve our ability to see better.  To be able to protect your sight our technology takes into account the level of deterioration of video stream, what kind of eye condition* you have, viewing distance, external light conditions, and so forth.