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The art of seeing the invisible

One of many benefits of EVA technology is the ability to create a superior video quality on lower bandwidth. It can also process live and archive video sources in real time. It enables restoration "en masse" of historic archives that are on magnetic tapes or other decaying media and restore them to be fit for viewing. Restored videos can be uploaded to VOD servers and made available to the general public. EVA can also work as a  live safeguard that watches over the image quality and can prevent flashing lights for photosensitive people before it hits their eyes and create havoc.  


Before & After

EVA resolution enhancement results in more naturally looking images with better details, contrast, and color range.Here are some examples of images from various TV shows, where you can see original image on the screen on the left, and EVA restored image on the right.

A (4).png
A (5).png
A (6).png
A (1).png

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